Occasionally CCIA will sponsor special events where we have the opportunity for a Vendor Expo.  When that happens, we will contact our regular vendors directly to make them aware of the opportunity.  Prices vary for these events.

Additionally, when we hold some All Day Workshops, we will look for a meeting vendor to sponsor the coffee service or a cookie break.  Again, prices vary based on the location of the event.

If you're interested in sponsoring an event, please contact us directly at: 630-858-4663

Special Event Vendor Sponsors

 Main Meeting Exhibitor Tables

1X Fee - $100.00

At our CCIA monthly meetings we typically attract an audience of 100-150 people.. It's a great opportunity for business to position their products and services to an audience made up entirely of people interested in Real Estate Investing, Rehabbing and Landlording.  Additionally, we often host other events where we look for vendor sponsors.

"Do You Have A Product Or Service That Would Benefit CCIA Investors"?  If Yes, then read on...


P.O. Box 495 - Glen Ellyn, IL  60138


Daily we get calls for business referrals.  The first place we send them is to our website:  Resources - Service Directory.  If you have a product or service that you would like our people to know about, this is an easy and affordable way to do that.  It's like putting your business card into the hands of all our members.  We scan your horizontal business card and include it in our listings.  Additionally, if you have any special deals you'd like to offer CCIA members, we have a place for you to do that.

Cost is $100 for 1-year
Includes a link direct to your website
Application Form 

CCIA's Vendor Area is in the main lobby when you enter the conference hall.  Meeting vendors have the opportunity showcase their products and services and have direct face time with our members.

  • Vendors that arrive and set up on time (5:00-5:15pm) can catch the crowd as they enter the hall.  Even though  the first part of our CCIA meeting starts at 5:30pm, many people choose to stay out in the lobby to network and talk with our vendors
  • The next opportunity to catch the crown is during the break between sessions.  Roughly this is anywhere from 15-20 minutes around 6:45pm.  This is when the activity really heats up!  Some vendors choose to leave after everyone goes back into the main meeting room around 7:10pm.  Others stay till the end.
  • Vendors that stay till the very end (anywhere from 8:45-9:30) have the opportunity to talk to people one last time as they exit the hall.  Not everyone is in a hurry to leave.  Some stick around networking in the lobby until the meeting is over

Becoming A Meeting Vendor

  • First fill out a Vendor Application and send back to us at CCIA
  • NOTE:  All Vendors must be members of CCIA
  • All Vendor Applications are subject to approval - No multi-level marketing is allowed.
  • Tables are $50/per night and need to be reserved by 5:00pm on the Wedneday prior to our meeting
  • Vendor set-up starts at 5:00pm and should be done by 5:30pm
  • The Lindner Center provides a standard banquet sized table, white table cloth and 2 chairs
  • Vendors should plan on bringing their own table skirt, banner and promotional items
  • Vendors can put out give away items to encourage people to visit their table
  • Candy is ok, but no food or beverage items are allowed
  • If you want to raffle off something, it's ok... just let us know in advance.
  • Consistent meeting vendors also receive a free business card sized ad in our Service Directory with a link directly to their website

NOTE:Chicago Creative Investors Association reserves the right to decline any sponsor or sponsorship materials for any reason.