P.O. Box 495 - Glen Ellyn, IL  60138


This is the "REIA" I belong to because it has the most valuable information. Information on laws and regulations keeps my business safe and protected. The variety of speakers gives me exposure to many aspects of the business. The National REIA benefits and Home Depot rebates offered through CCIA save me lots of money. Networking with other members offers me the opportunity for a quicker learning curve, and I am encouraged by talking to other members. Talking to you, Jane, is like talking to a walking "wikipedia". You have been invaluable. Every time I am down, or low having your number is priceless.
~~Tony G.


Thanks for taking the time to talk about real estate and to look at my presentation. One of the most significant benefits of being a CCIA member is your availability. You will share the decades of knowledge accumulated from students, seasoned investors, national speakers, and personal experience with anyone looking for guidance.  Feel free to publish my statement (or any part of it) and feelings about CCIA. It is the truth!

~~ Marv E.

Hey Jane,
Thanks so much again for putting these events together, I got so much value out of my first meetings and have now signed up for the yearly membership, the mailing list, and Jason's event on Saturday.
~~ Best, James

Hi Jane and Sam,
Thank you so much for your time you shared with me at your Rehab Project class.  Your are fabulous instructors!  I learned so much from the information you presented in one hour!  I have spent thousands of dollars for information you gave for free than I have learned in all the seminars and workshops!  It will be fun watching the home on
Cypress become beautiful! Again thanks so much.
~~ Cathleen


One of the better presentations last night that I've seen at CCIA - Vena Jones-Cox knocked it out of the park both with her updated content and the masterful story telling she weaved into her pitch (I didn't feel she was trying to "sell").  Anyway, just a quick note of gratitude for all you do for our RE community... Vena was right: Most CCIA members don't know the value they're getting compared to other REIA's - local or National!

~~ Geoff


I hope this email finds you well.  I took a seminar with you a few years ago called, "So you want to go full time".  Probably one of the best seminars I've taken to get direction about transitioning to a full time investor.  Thanks

~~ Dave G.


Your 30 plus years of experience in Real Estate make you the unquestionable expert in the Chicagoland market.  As a member of CCIA for over 8 years, I appreciate the networking, resources, national speakers and legislative updates your monthly meetings provide.  Here's to another 30 plus years!!!

~~ Sam


My family and I have known you for over 20 years.  You are a wonderful person, an excellent educator and a very experienced investor.  You do a fantastic job of putting together great programs with knowledgeable speakers for your CCIA members.  Over the years CCIA has been a valuable resource for us.  It has provided us with timely and useful information and tools that help us make solid decisions in our real estate business, and it provides numerous opportunities to network with other experienced investors.  I highly recommend CCIA!

~~ Hilde W


The CCIA Group is well run and offers many opportunities to every person.  Jane Garvey truly wants to see you happy and successful.  If you cannot fina a niche that suits your interest in real estate investing, you haven't been to a CCIA Meeting!

~~ Richard S


Wow, I had no idea a CCIA membership had all these benefits!  Thank you so much for putting all that together.

~~ Jimish


Everytime I go to the CCIA meeting I learn something valuable to my real estate business.  Thanks

~~Alex C.


Thank you for creating a group that contributes so much knowledge.  I have learned a lot since I joined CCIA.  You and this organization are truly a blessing!


Hi Jane,

I recently joined CCIA and wanted to tell you that I am super thankful for all that you do in putting CCIA together.  I've learned so much and most importantly I have met some really great and helpful people.  I am excited about my future because knowledge is power and the control is back in my hands!

~~Sincerely, Peter


A great conference call this morning and terrific information.  Thank you very much for trying to keep us informed.  This was life saving material!



Thank you for your commitment to excellence in training and support.  I am educating myself thru the website.   I am committed to my success!  Have a great day!



Sunday's meeting was great!  Packed full of useful info and really entertaining with Nick Sidoti... "I'm Getting It!"  Loving your website too!  CCIA is an awesome club.  I recommend it to all the investors I meet.

~~Dave H.