As part of our meeting you will have the opportunity to come up to the microphone and present your property - in 1 minute or less!

You will need to fill out a completed Have/Want Form (available at meetings).

To assist you in the preparation of your presentation, please fill out:

Equity Marketing Form

Directions To Complete Form

If you're selling an income property, please complete an APOD Form

Do you need properties?  It seems that every investor out there is looking for more properties.  Flippers need houses to rehab.  Landlords need properties to add to their portfolio.  Multi-Family investors are seeking apartments and the Wholesalers want anything with good numbers.  So how do you find good properties and deals?

Start by looking at what people have posted on our website and by looking for flyers at our CCIA REIA meetings.  Talk to people and ask to get on their lists. Attend our CCIA meetings and here what investors are presenting.  You never know what gems you can find!



P.O. Box 495 - Glen Ellyn, IL  60138


When you attend a CCIA meeting you are welcome to place a flyer on our handout table. 

This is a free service for CCIA Members and Guests.

Be sure to include your complete contact info on the flyer.


Just complete the Property Submission Form and submit to CCIA. 

Property takes approx 2 days to post and is left up for 1 month.

This is a Free service for CCIA Members and Guests.

You must OWN or CONTROL the property you are submitting.

Note:  Presentation of the properties and other advertising does not represent an endorsement by the Chicago Creative Investors Association.  As with any investment, do your due diligence. Please consult with your own attorney and accountant who are familiar with your specific circumstances.