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LLC Master Machine, Goldmine & Equity Stripping

William Noll - An Al Aiello Course

Lawyer & CPA with a focus on Tax Compliance & Tax-Related Litigation

Bill continues the legacy of our long time friend and colleague, Albert Aiello, teaching for the benefit of those people seeking a better understanding of Entities and the IRS Code!

WHOLESALING - Make a Six-Figure Income Wholesaling

Chris Kleewein
This home-study course includes everything you need to start wholesaling. 

  • Videos of Chris' 3-day training event
  • An 85-page manual
  • USB drive with all of the contracts and documents (in MS Word format)
  • MP3 audio files of the 3-day event

You will truly learn everything you need to go out and complete your first wholesale deal!
BONUS:  Chris is including his Six Week Jumpstart To Wholesaling online course!
A $497 Value - FREE
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High Tech Real Estate Investing

All Products are Digital and Can Be Viewed on Any Mobile Device

Don DeRosa

Don DeRosa is a real estate investor, author, teacher, coach and national speaker. Don is also past president of Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, one of the longest running REIAs in the country. Don has trained thousands of new and experienced investors to build wealth in real estate using the same techniques that helped him build his fortune, particularly buying with owner financing, using private money, creatively structuring deals and selling quickly in any market.

Wrapping For Profits - A Definitive Guide to Wrap Lending for Huge Returns

& The Solo 401k: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to a Powerful Pension Plan

Dorsie Boddiford

This is a Combo Package of Dorsie's New Course "Wrapping for Profits" and the book she co-authored with her Father, Dyches Boddiford, "The Solo 401k".  We learned a LOT from Dorsie when she was at our November 2017.  Dorsie is a Full Time Real Estate Investor.  Becoming an active investor was no easy task, but Dorsie has no regrets with her real estate career. She enjoys helping and encouraging other new investors who are eager to begin their journey out of the rat race.  Full Details


P.O. Box 495 - Glen Ellyn, IL  60138

Order a Recording of John's Incredible Webinar on the 2018 Tax Changes!

KISS Guide to "Entities & Asset Protection" &

KISS Guide to "Bookkeeping"

John Hyre

Tax Attorney, Accountant & Real Estate Investor

John speaks nationwide on the Taxation of Real Estate, use of Entities for Tax Savings and Asset Protection & Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors.