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Community Investment Corp.

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Director - Property Management Training

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Com Ed Property Management

  • Manage service to all of your properties online
  •  View real-time billing responsibility
  • Add and remove properties at any time
  • Process Move-in and Move-out requests on behalf of your tenants

Our experienced property management staff performs all necessary activities associated with rental properties, including renting units, tenant service, rent collection, maintenance of property, bill payment, and representing clients’ interests in Homeowners’ Associations and with local government. The quality of service that we provide 24/7 is one reason the properties we manage have exceptionally high occupancy rates.

Invesco LLC
Paul Linzer , Ryan McNeilly

1295 Rand Road
Des Plaines, IL  60016

FREE Lease and Rental Forms

  • Free Lease Agreement
  • Free Rental Application
  • Free Rent Receipt
  • Free Security Deposit Receipt
  • And Much More!

We are a small family company of

real estate investors ourselves,

from founder and owner Kevin Kiene

to our youngest employee Erica Scott. We live and breathe property management and real estate laws!

Cary G. Schiff & Associates

Cary Schiff

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Law Offices of David K. Barhydt

David Barhydt

2901 Butterfield Rd.

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Landmark M & M, Inc.

Tina Warr, Real Estate Broker

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Smoke-free housing gives everyone the opportunity to breathe cleaner air. Within multi-unit housing, smoke can seep into attached units through cracks, light fixtures, and heating and cooling systems. Smoke-free housing eliminates the chance of toxic smoke traveling from one unit to another. Up to 65% of air in any given unit is shared with air from other units and common areas. So, living in a smoke-free environment is one the best decisions you can make for yourself and your loved ones.



  • Seals , Treats and Renders Lead Paint waste as non-hazardous for disposal
  • Lowers the bioavailability of what's absorbed into the bloodstream if ingested
  • Tasts terible if children try to injest
  • Works on Wood, Steel, Drywall, Trim, Fascia, Stuco, etc.
  • Saves you big $$$ in hazardous disposal fees

Jane Garvey's Source for Leases!

They sell Chicago Specific and Area Specific Leases. 

Reported to be the best in the area! 

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ISC is now offering custom lease agreements for those who use ISC Connect for their tenant screening!! Create an online lease agreement for a tenant to view and sign online. ISC will store the lease electronically for easy access to view or print at any time!

Sanford Kahn, Ltd.

Sanford Kahn

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Sanford Kahn, Ltd.

Sanford Kahn

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Mahoney, Silverman & Cross

Gary Davidson

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Legal Document Management

Verella Osborne

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