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We are very pleased that the National REIA program has been extended for 2018.  Each year of National REIA's program with The Home Depot has brought changes to how the program is administered. The changes and tradeoffs in the program have been made to accommodate the needs of both The Home Depot and Real Estate Investors.
The overall changes to the program are very positive. Along with the significant new Cabinet Programeffective in late 2017, we are pleased to announce the Paint Program's two-year test was a success and has been extended. We now have in addition to the 2% rebate:

Each of these discount programs provides exceptional value to members that purchase average to large volumes of goods and to those that purchase small amounts.

Even if a member doesn't hit the minimum to earn the 2% rebate they can save even more significantly through the three discount programs. Most members appreciate receiving 15% - 20% off at purchase even more than the 2% future rebate.
National REIA's program with The Home Depot is the only program with a $5000 minimum purchase (every 6 months) to qualify for the 2% rebate. The minimum for the very few other organizations that have a similar program is $12,500. While not expected, as we go forward, it is possible our minimum will increase.  Also, The Home Depot recently canceled over 30 different programs that offered either discounts or rebates. National REIA is one of the few remaining programs and that is a testament to how well the program is being utilized!!!

The Home Depot and National REIA

Teaming Up To Provide The Best To Our Members

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