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Saturday, August 26th 2017

9am-5pm (includes lunch)

Understanding Entities, Asset Protection

and Tax Liabilities

8 Hours of Training!

with Attorney Jeffrey Watson


Location:  Northern Illinois University - NIU Naperville

Why wouldn't you want to spend EIGHT FULL hours with someone who will help you protect you, your family, and your assets?

How much would it cost you to spend 8 hours with an attorney?  Now, make it an attorney that fully UNDERSTANDS real estate investors and what you're doing or trying to do.

 OK, OK, I get it. You say you've got your LLC, S-Corp, etc. But, are you following the rules?  Are you filing the right paperwork? Holding the right number of meetings? Maintaining the proper notes and notebooks, elections and selections, etc?

We're here to help!  Will you join us to learn how protect your Assets the right way?

Jeff gets into the "nuts and bolts" of what it takes to protect what you own (or control). He will cover:

  • Battle-tested asset protection ideas used by an attorney that invests in real estate deals just like you.
  • Practical, easy-to-implement action steps based on CURRENT laws
  • Concepts, techniques and strategies taught to you by an attorney who actually practices law and works in courtrooms
  • What do the Plaintiff's attorney (ambulance chaser) think and how do they evaluate their case.
  • How to create state-specific multiple layers of insulation around you and your assets.
  • Proper entity structuring based on your investing strategies: Buy & hold, Fix & sell, Wholesale, etc.
  • What are "charging orders"? When and how are they used? What do they really do?
  • And so much more!!

Jeff will try his ultimate best to answer all of your questions. Most will be covered right in the course material. But, we recommend that you register and then begin writing down all of your questions. Check them off as they get answered during the training, and whatever is left we will do everything possible to get answered in the Q & A session.

At this all-day training session, we will share, learn, laugh and eat together.  Most importantly, you can leave with a plan to protect and secure your assets and your future. 

Understanding Entities, Asset Protection & Tax Liabilities

Full 8 Hour Training with Attorney Jeff Watson

Saturday, August 26th, 2017
 9am - 5:00pm - Check in opens at 8:30am
Location:  NIU Naperville