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LIFEonaire Full Day Training

Saturday July 21st, 2018



Coaching for your

Business & Personal Life

With Chuck Bauman

NIU Naperville Campus

"Warning... Lifeonairecan produce Focus, Determination, Energy,Passion and Purpse in your life... enter at your own risk!  Truly incomparable... one of a kind!"  J. Patterson, Bryant AR

What is financial freedom, really? Is it high income, lots of assets, and the joy of being self-employed? Not if your “freedom” includes tons of debt, tons of bills, and a business that runs you!  Lifeonaire can solve this puzzle—your real estate business can not only run debt-free, it can pay off your debt. How? Join us for this Full Day Lifeonaire Training and Discover:

  • How to get the best deals coming your way, so that you can…
  • Invest in real estate without ever borrowing a nickel and…
  • Create a business that serves you instead of you serving it
  • The one mistake that people make in setting up their businesses that almost guarantees they'll eventually become slaves to it
  • How to discover what you really want for your life and figure out what's most important to you
  • The Four Stages of Financial Prosperity you absolutely must follow

Do you remember why you first started real estate investing? If you're like most people you probably thought it would give you financial wealth, freedom and control of your time. And it can... but unfortunately, most investors have set it up all wrong and instead become chained to their business. They end up stressed, overwhelmed, have strained relationships, money problems and lack of time. In other words... the very thing we created to give us a great life ends up taking it away.

Lifeonaire is a revolutionary approach to help us live more productive, fulfilling, meaningful and joy-filled lives -- where we make more money, have more free time and get to do all the things we enjoy! Lifeonaire is the creation of Steve Cook. He's done wholesale, rehab and new construction deals and is known for being one of the best investors and coaches in the country... and for having one of the biggest hearts! He realized after years of coaching investors and helping them make money that oftentimes their life looked the same or even worse from when they began. Why? Because they kept chasing success like a mirage in the desert -- without truly understanding what "success" really even meant for them.

Chuck Bauman is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and Lifeonaire.   He coaches many successful business people and has helped thousands of people to live their visions now rather than later.   He has more certifications that will fit in a bio but mostly he knows how to get results…Results that allow people to grow their businesses in a way that creates more free time for the business owners to focus on the truly important aspects of their lives as defined by them.

Chuck is a decorated combat veteran, a cancer survivor and a one of the principle voices of Lifeonaire.   His insight and wisdom make him one of the most sought after coaches in the arena today and his ability to cut thru all the propaganda and break things down to their essence is legendary among those he works with.

Full Day Lifeonaire Training
Date:  Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Time:  9am-5pm - check in opens at 8:30am
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LIFEonaire Full Day Training