Saturday, June 2nd, 2018



All Day Intensive Workshop

With Duncan Wierman


NIU Naperville - 1120 E. Diehl Rd., Naperville

"The Most Important Knowledge You Need is NOT about Buying Houses...


There are 100's of ways to do a deal, but if you don't have LEADS you have NOTHING. Its time to face reality. You are not in the real estate business... you're in the business of marketing!  

If You Want To Prosper As A Real Estate Entrepreneur You Require A Totally New Set Of Marketing Skills. Skills You'll Never Get From Any "Traditional" Source!

Duncan Wierman is America's foremost marketing authority for lead generation. If you need motivated seller, hungry buyers, or private money lenders for your business, then Duncan is your man. Duncan Wierman is at the cutting edge of software and marketing.

Discover Internet Strategies for Real Estate Investing that will

Allow You to Quit Your Job in as little as 108 Days!

This is Duncan's incredible, Step-by-Step Real Estate Training.  Duncan's methods will teach you how to buy 5, 10, 15 houses or more PER MONTH, grabbing houses up fast and selling them for huge profits... sometimes within hours!!!  Discover:

  • How to run your own business from home and enjoy the freedom of automatic income...
  • How to declare independence from your job and boss!
  • How to spend your time any way you wish with whomever you wish.
  • How to find Motivated Sellers & Hungry Buyers!

Forget investing the old fashioned way. Let technology do the heavy lifting! Today, savvy investors are using cell   phones and laptops to rake in their fortunes.You Too Can Make Huge Profits In Today's Real Estate Market By Combining Real Estate and The Power Of The Internet!

How would you like to learn a system of marketing that teaches you things like: 

  • Attract dozens of desperate, motivated sellers so you can cherry pick the hottest deals. Uncover hidden bargain deals on the Internet at record breaking speed.
  • Buy properties below 65 cents on the dollar and then sell them within 1 hour.
  • Turn your business into a system that makes you over $32,756.32 a month, each and every month!
  • How to set up a system that can "sniff out" hidden properties that virtually no one is competing for, so the sellers see you as the only game in town.
  • The incredible way to have automatic "robots" tirelessly working for you day and night, bringing you qualified customers and hot deals.
  • How to get "private money" to finance your deals. No more getting fleeced by banks! Have your phone ringing off the hook with people begging you to take their money!
  • How to get insane real estate profits even if you're holding down a day job and have no time to yourself
  • The best way to boost your credibility with sellers, even if you're new to real estate investing
  • Create a HUGE list of investors who want to be notified FIRST! They will be begging to buy your houses.
  • How to market, buy, sell, and/or assign property online, to make MILLIONS from home

Let Duncan PROVE IT to you Live!


  Saturday, June 2nd, 2018
Time:  8:30am registration opens; Class 9am-5pm latest
Location:  NIU Naperville Campus - 1120 E. Diehl Rd., Naperville


P.O. Box 495 - Glen Ellyn, IL  60138