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Thursday March 29th, 2018

8pm-10pm CDT

Investing in Apartments WEBINAR

Is now the Right Time to Buy

MultiFamily Properties in the Chicago area?

With Multi-Family Investing Expert - Anthony Chara

Please join this CCIA sponsored webinar from your

computer, tablet or smartphone.


Is it the right time to change your strategy regarding purchasing Apartments/MultiFamily properties?

Join Us and our special guest, Mr. Anthony Chara with Success Classes to find out.!


You’ve been doing single family homes, wholesaling, fix & flip and buy and hold. Why not take the same time, energy and money that you’re putting into buying a one unit property and buy a 10 unit property? A 20 unit property? A 50+ unit property?

Have you wondered about Multi-units but are not sure what direction you need to go? Too many questions keep coming to mind.

  • How can someone buy an apartment building if they have no cash and no credit?
  • How does or why should someone with little to no experience in RE investing get started investing in apartments?
  • Should they start with SFH’s first?
  • What do you see as the biggest obstacle or obstacles holding people back from investing in apartments?
  • What are the downsides?
  • What markets would you recommend people invest in today?
  • How do you find the best markets?

Anthony Chara will be discussing this and much more on

Thursday March 29th, 2018


Anthony is a seasoned Real Estate investor that has successful investing and property management experience dating back to 1993.

Anthony Chara made the switch from SFH’s to Multi-Family in 2004 on the advice from one of his mentors.

Now, with over 1600 apartment units and counting, and a total asset value well in excess of $43MM ranging from 31 units in Pennsylvania to 410 units in Indianapolis, Anthony has the experience to teach you how to buy both small and large apartment complexes to increase your wealth substantially. Anthony’s motto, “Why buy 1 when you can buy 10!”


  • Why apartments/multi-units make sense in today’s market
  • How to buy with no money down
  • How not to get screwed by a seller!!
  • And Much More

Wouldn’t you like to know why some people find it easier to buy an Apartment Complex than a single family home? Join us & learn how Anthony Chara did it and get in on some terrific cash flow!