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National Rebuilding Together Event

April 27th - April 29th, 2018

Use Affiliate Group: CCIA

Together, we can transform the lives of our neighbors in need!

CCIA Volunteers always step up and volunteer for this wonderful event.  For close to 15 years CCIA Members have helped rehab homes for the Elderly, Handicapped, and Veterans.  Participants have generally come away from the project feeling like they have worked hard & made a difference - as well as learning new skills & making new friends!  We've survived pouring rain, insufficient supplies and much more, but always come up with creative ways to complete our projects!

Rehab skills are appreciated, but not necessary!

Material donations and financial donations to cover material costs for the various projects are deeply appreciated!!!

Consider Being a House Captain!

For those of you interested in really becoming involved, consider becoming a House Captain or Co-Captain!  You must have basic knowledge of the working systems within a home, strong leadership skills, and be able to run the project from start to finish.  PDF of House Captain / Co-Captain Roles

Over the years we've focused on Rebuilding Together-Aurora.  Rebuilding Together Aurora typically does their event from a Friday-Sunday and that's flexible for people to choose the date that works best for them! 

Once you sign up to Volunteer for the Aurora project(s) - And select CCIA as your group, you will be notified where to show up and hopefully what to bring.

Projects might include:

  • Replacing Windows
  • Replacing & Repairing Plumbing
  • Replacing Tub & Bathroom Fixtures
  • Repairing Lights
  • Patching & Painting Walls
  • Gardening... Cutting Down Trees/Shrubs
  • Roofing
  • And so much more!

Some Items to consider bringing:

  • Work Gloves
  • Work Goggles if you have them
  • Wear old work clothes!
  • Hard toe work shoes
  • Your tool box - with all your items marked someway as yours
  • A Paint Sprayer was incredibly helpful last year!
  • Hammer
  • And most of all yourself! - MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!


This is a list of where events are taking place:

There are Many Many way you can volunteer with this association if you're not handy with a paint brush or hammer - There is planning all year long and they are always looking for people to pitch in!


Rebuilding Together Aurora is a safe and healthy housing organization that provides homeowners in need with FREE critical home repair, home safety modifications, and energy efficiency upgrades. Rebuilding Together Aurora's work helps to preserve homes and rebuild communities by arming volunteers with hammers, paint brushes, and dedication to service. Our volunteers are committed to making a difference in the neighborhoods they live and work in by helping our neighbors improve their living conditions and their lives. Our work extends beyond the four walls of a home to impact the health and vibrancy of our community.

Rebuilding Together prefers that all workers register through their website.  For your group select CCIA